About Us

We see so many different fake diploma review sites on the net, but none of them are real. Most of these sites are owned by the same companies that sell fake diplomas. Seriously some of these even go as far as to say that they have ordered from all these sites and then rate the site for quality, customer service, delivery and more. How would that be possible? That would mean that they spend thousands of dollars and get nothing in return. Thinks about it, do you see any advertising on their site? I takes a lot of time money and effort to run a site, how can they do this and not make any money for it. You can always tell who the site belongs to, all you need do is to look at the top ranked site. In order to believe these reviews you would need to believe that these people are just good Samaritans looking to help everyone wanting to buy a fake diploma.

Unlike all the other fake diploma review sites we don’t have an opinion on any of the fake diploma sellers, we leave that to their customers. We just put the site up and let all of the customers from each site put in their own reviews. This is the only way to have a fair review of the sites. Here at fakediplomareview.com we only allow one review per email address so to keep someone from padding their site with good fake reviews.

We hope everyone will benefit from our site and use it for the purpose it was created for and be fair with your assessment of each site.

Also no vulgar language will e posted.